Monday, July 7, 2008


as inspired by the sumi ink club workshop (which i did not attend, but i sure did like that drawing on the machine projects site), this weeks theme: camouflage.

i'm leaving for a couple weeks+ in japan on saturday and have a question for the drawing team: what art tools should i pack? has anyone perfected the art of the travelling drawing kit? i think i've made my sketchbook decisions, and am trying to give myself daily assignments, to spur me on (i tried an assignment-driven sketchbook thing a couple years ago in nova scotia and it was a semi failure, but i think my expectations were excessive: 10 assigments a day! too much! this time i'm only giving myself three, on a sketchbook half the size).

thanks again team for your awesome awesomeness



heidi said...

Hey Nor, I usually travel with a heavy duty ziploc bag with a couple of pentel sign pens and a couple of 3B pencils, a pink pearl, and a little sharpener. I used to take more than that, but that's all I ever actually used. If you're going to have time to sit, a little watercolor set is always nice. The one I use is by sennelier. For watercolor sketching, Amy and I started by setting time limits on the first few sketches. 5 minutes or 20 minutes. Have lots of fun on the trip. I'm looking forward to seeing your sketches.

michele said...

I pack light. Sketchbook and pen go with me most days. Sometimes I also bring a 2b or 3b pencil, tiny sharpener and Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser.